Saturday, November 24, 2007

Family Ties

I am blessed. The family I married into is wonderful. I hear some people talk about their inlaws as if they were outlaws. I hear friends talking about their mothers-in-law, how they are never happy with them, etc etc. I hear horror stories of how some of my friends just cannot get along with their inlaws. Well, not me. I have to say that I am truly blessed by Jeff's family! His mom is one of the biggest spiritual influences in my life. She is a Godly woman, and I respect her and admire her so much. Jeff's dad was amazing. I find myself thinking about him a lot lately, as we anticipate the adoption of another child. Wayne was so excited when Bryan was born, and I know he loved him deeply. I miss Wayne. Jeff's sister, Lisa, and her husband Jim are blessings too, along with their two kids, Aaron and Breanna. There is never a dull moment when all of us are together!

We have a long tradition of a rummy tournament in this family. Whenever we are together we play rummy, complete with goofy made-up names. We are playing for the ultimate prize... the chance to get to take home the mouse trophy. It's a gawdy, gnarly-looking mouse figurine that we have passed back and forth for 5 years now (at least). This year, Bryan brought home the trophy- his first ever! (way to go, B)

I love this family. I feel at home with them. I know I am loved by them. It's a blessing to be a part of them. God not only gave me a great husband, but he has allowed me to be a part of a great family! Thanks guys... you are all loved!!

Next weekend, the Thanksgiving celebration continues with my side of the family. I love this time of the year!!


Robo said...

I know what you mean. I don't know what I would do without my in-laws.
First of all, I wouldn't have met Kim. Ha!

Lydia said...

What a beautiful little niece! I'm a little late checking out the blog, Holly. I love it!