Monday, November 26, 2007

Pride comes after the fall???

A couple of months ago, Bryan broke his arm when he fell off of his skateboard. Never mind that he had never really ridden it that much! He and a buddy were goofing off together, and everything seems possible when you are with a good friend, right? There is nothing like getting the call that says "Mom, I'm okay but..." In this case, he wasn't okay. He had not one, but two broken bones in that arm, and was in a cast for about 5 weeks, then had3-4 more weeks of no activity to make sure that all was okay (he had broken the growth plate- not good).

I have to give him props though. He is right back on that skateboard, although now he is wearing protective gear :) He is very proud, and so am I! He is giving this skateboarding some serious time. Here's a peek at one of his newest tricks... the pogo.

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Jo Ann said...

I love your blog. Great picture of Bryan and you and Breanna. Can't wait to see you all on Friday. Love ya....Mom