Friday, January 25, 2008

Apparently I laugh too loud

Last night was our last night of ballroom dance lessons. Basically, it was an overview of all the things we have learned thus far. We reviewed the foxtrot, complete with a promenade (we still stink at this one). We reviewed the rumba with a slow turn and a "rock step" (my personal favorite). And then we reviewed the swing dance (insert loud, snorting laugh here). The instructor taught a few new moves to go with our basic swing step. Really, I feel a little silly doing that dance. And well, I CANNOT swing dance with Jeff without laughing. Honestly, I wasn't making fun of him! He is just funny! His face does this strange goofy grin when he swings (see my previous dance post for more on this), and it completely cracks me up. After class, some of the senior adults commented that we "sure have a lot of fun together". They must not have heard Jeff telling me to be quiet, that I was too loud with my laugh! I can't help it; I just laugh loudly.

I know I have said it before, but this class has been a total blast! We HAVE laughed a lot with each other and with the others in the class. We have gotten to know some people better from our church. And you know... we really aren't that bad.

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Jo Ann said...

No, you don't laugh too loudly. Never stop laughing and never stop ya....Mom