Saturday, March 15, 2008

next on the book list

I said earlier this year that I had a goal of reading at least 36 books this year. I had a lot of time this week to read since I was at home sick ALL WEEK LONG! Here are the latest three I have read. For those who are counting, this makes 6 for the year so far. I'm behind schedule, I know.

unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity...and Why it Matters by David Kinnaman &Gabe Lyons

~ this book is groundbreaking research into how Christians are perceived by 16-29 year olds today. And let me say, it is gut-wrenching. I found myself having to put the book down and get on my knees more times than not while reading this. I was overcome with how pious I must come across to some people. This book has changed me. Really. I think that every person who calls themself a Christ-follower should read this, really soak it in. I would love to hear what you think of it once you read it!

No Ordinary Child: Unlocking the Leader Within Your Child by Denise Mira

~ I agree with the premise of this book: that no child is ordinary, but created in the image of the Almighty. Therefore, we should never accept less than extraordinary from our children. I am on board with that, no doubt. But something about the way this book was written really didn't sit well with me. I got a bad taste in my mouth. I was pretty disappointed given I have been waiting to read this book forEVER. I thought it was judgmental, harsh, and egotistical in its writing. Perhaps it was because I had just read unChristian and felt like the author was saying "Parent my way, or your kids will wind up in hell".(no, that is not a direct quote, but that's how I felt when I was reading). I have to say that the one thing that bothered me the most was the author's insistence that moms should stay at home and never work outside the home. I have many friends who are stay-at-home moms, and I think that's great. I know it means a great deal to them, and they make financial sacrifices to be able to do so. But, because I choose to work outside of our home, I do not believe that I am sinner. I do not believe that any 'problems' or difficulties my children may have are a direct result of my working outside the home. I take pride in my work. I take greater pride in my family. It is possible to raise healthy, respectful, conscientious, and Godly children in a home where both parents work.

Bitterroot Landing by Sheri Reynolds

~ This book is a beautiful tribute to survivors everywhere! I relished every word of this book. I read it in one night, then re-read it the next day. It tells the story of Jael, a girl who was abused, both physically and sexually. But it is not a tragedy. This book is a triumphant fist raised in the air, as the reader gets to watch Jael develop her wings, learn to trust again, and learn to love- others as well as herself! I recommend it to anyone who wants to get lost in a great book! (actually, I recommend ANYTHING by Sheri Reynolds)

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Lydia said...

Question: Are all the books you read to Ellie going to count on this list because if they are and if Ellie gets here soon enough, I'll say you'll have read at least triple your goal by year's end.