Friday, April 4, 2008

The Next Step...

The Honorable Le Quoc Hung, Consul General

Today was a big day in the adoption process (aka: Destination Ellie). Our dossier was sent to the Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco CA for the final Vietnam Embassy Authentication. Literally, the man pictured above will give his stamp of approval for us to bring our little girl home.

This is the last thing we will do before the dossier goes to Vietnam. We are thrilled to be at this point in the whole process! Here are some things you can be praying for at this point of the journey:
  • safe and quick delivery of our dossier to San Francisco (there's a lot of money in that envelope!)

  • speedy processing by the Consulate General

  • safe delivery of the dossier to the Vietnam office of our agency in Hanoi City

  • a quick referral for our little girl

  • most of all.... for Ellie to be safe, well cared for and loved until we bring her home

  • pray also for her birth mother to have peace and comfort in her plan to place Ellie up for adoption. I feel incredibly indebted to this woman whom I will never know.

We'll be sure to keep you posted if we hear anything!

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