Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I love being a mom...

I have to brag on my son. He's awesome. Really he is. He is your typical 12 year old... hates to clean his room (or anything else, for that matter). He has to be reminded to do his chores. But his heart is tender. He is compassionate and loving, and I am honored to be his mom.

For Mother's Day, he blessed me. You see, Bryan LOVES to sleep late. Sundays are a treat because he doesn't have to get up at 6:45 like he does on school days. But this past Sunday, Bryan set his alarm for 6:45AM, and he got up when it went off. He made me breakfast in bed. Now, let me tell you for the record, Bryan makes the best eggs EVER! He made an omelet, bacon, sliced orange, and brought it with orange juice to me in bed. It was so sweet! I was surprised, to say the least.. not because he was thoughtful, but they had already given me a gift! On saturday, he and Jeff let me watch a movie while they scrubbed the entire house clean! AND they gave me a gift certificate for some pampering (pedicure)wow!!I felt like a queen, and I am so grateful that my guys love me like that. (I must add that while Bryan was making my breakfast, Jeff was mopping the floors since he knew my parents were coming and I would want it done. Love that man of mine!! (and I must say that his cleaning the house is the sexiest thing ever! you know you agree girls!))

I love being a mom. It's hard work, and sometimes it's frustrating work. But I wouldn't want it any other way. I love my children. I have been blessed beyond measure. Not only do we have Bryan, but there were 4 others who did not live to be born, and then there is Ellie that we (patiently) wait to bring home to us. I don't know why God would choose me for something so incredible, something so rewarding and humbling and that I will never be able to fulfill the way I want to. But I thank Him every day that He did choose me to mother these children. I pray that I am a Godly mom, a mom that always points my children to the Creator of all, a mom who lives out a faith that is authentic, a mom who serves her family without complaint, and a mom that my children always know loves her Lord with all of her heart, soul, and strength. I pray that my children always see me honoring and loving their dad, the greatest gift God ever gave to me! I pray that they see me as a student of His word. And I pray that one day they will not need therapy because of some mistake I made with them!

On a funnier note.. Bryan asked this question:
if there is a mother's day and a father's day, then when is the kid's day?

My response: All 363 other days of the year!!


Jo Ann said...

And you are all those things that a mom is supposed to be and I am very proud of you. Both my grandchildren are blessed with great moms and dads and what a blessing that is to us!!!!
(and by the way, why didn't I ever get breakfast in bed????)
I LOVE YA......Your mom

Lydia said...

I was wondering the same thing as Bryan just the other day. Why not have kids' day? I do enjoy Cora every day, though, so I guess 363 days of the year is really true.

And by the way, you guys need to come really really soon if Bryan is fixing people breakfast and Jeff is cleaning house. We'll put them to work!

Bird's Words said...

I only learned how to cook a couple of years ago. Jeff can testify to that one! I guess Bryan gets it from Jeff, huh?? hahah!