Saturday, May 24, 2008

Destination Ellie: Update

Our dossier has been logged in, so we have officially begun our wait. We aren't exactly sure when that happened, but our agency director let us know about it sometime last week or so. In the past few weeks, there have been several families who have gotten referrals. We are encouraged by this. Two families had already identified the child they wanted to adopt, and because of paperwork "issues" were waiting seemingly forEVER, for everything to fall into place. We pray that the rest of their journey is uneventful and speedy!

Two other families have gotten referrals (by referrals, I mean they were matched to a child). One comes from Korea. I know what you are thinking: "I thought we were talking Vietnam here". And we are. Yet, they chose to also have their paperwork in a special needs program elsewhere, and were matched to a beautiful baby girl who will be very blessed to be with this forever family. The last couple to be matched actually got a call stating that a birth mother and father in the US had chosen them for their son who is due to be born in August. Again, we are so excited for this family.

The news of anyone receiving a referral at this time is extremely comforting to me. It tells me that God is still (and always will be) in control of everything. It reminds me that I have no idea what the big picture looks like, just as these families did not know this would be the plan for them. It reminds me that He is always at work whether I see it or not. God is not hindered by my vision or my imagination, thankfully!

This morning, I sent out MANY emails to friends and family, asking for some help in getting attention drawn to a new campaign that will allow Vietnamese adoptions to continue, while making changes to ensure that no unethical practices are allowed to go on. In a nutshell, this campaign by the JCICS (Joint Council of International Children's Services) states that while unethical adoptions should and must stop, that does not mean we should take away a child's right to a loving and permanent family. You can read more about it here .
I urge you, if you haven't already gotten an email from me, to go there and to send an email in support of this campaign. If you REALLY want to help, you can go one step further and contact your congressman or woman and urge him or her to also support this.

One person on our adoption chat line stated this morning "there is no hope of the rest of us getting our referrals". I cannot bring myself to utter those words. Believe me, I have asked God. I asked Him this morning to tell me if I am grasping at straws. He has not released me from believing that my little girl is out there waiting for me to come get her. I can almost see her precious little face already. I am writing this from what will soon be her room. I am eager to decorate it just for her, so that she will know that we loved her and believed in the promise of her long before we knew her. She is a miracle, just as Bryan is a miracle to us. And she is loved deeply and profoundly by each of us here.

I had no idea when we started this process that I would feel this much love, this much faith, this much heartache, this much joy, this much excitement, all at the same time. I wouldn't change a thing about this journey, for I believe with every fiber in me that this is exactly how God has designed it to be. Thanks for taking the journey with us!


Lydia said...

So tell me how I go about finding out who my congressman is so that I can get going on this letter?

Also, sounds to me like the person who has no hope of getting a referral doesn't know what we know about God's master plan. I hope confidently in God giving your Ellie to you. He knows the desire of your 3 hearts to have this precious daughter and you all have been faithful to Him.

I want to help in whatever way that I can, so help me get on board here, please!

I love you guys!

Bird's Words said...

Go to the link on the post, and on that page you will find a place where you can look up your senator/congress rep. I think it's #3 under "how you can help" on the bottom part of the page linked here!
thanks so much for wanting to help us! and thanks even more for believing with us that God will deliver our Ellie to us!!