Thursday, August 7, 2008

15 years and counting...

Dear Jeff,
15 years ago today, we stood before a sanctuary full of family and friends, vowing that we would be together for the rest of our lives. I knew that I loved you, but I had no idea how much that love would grow. I can't even put it into words; it's just there in my heart, and it completes me. Really it does. I'm not just borrowing a line from Jerry Maguire.

I have to tell you that I am so thankful that you wanted to marry me. I am far from good enough for you. You deserve so much more than I can ever hope to give you, but I am grateful for how you inspire me to be better, to be more, to be beautiful. You have loved me in a way that has allowed me to blossom, and I can never thank you enough for that.

I hear it said all the time that opposites attract. It's really not that way with us, is it? The longer I love you, the more I am becoming like you, and that's a good thing. I happen to think you are the best. There are lots of mushy things I could say here, but I will save that for a private moment. However, I had to share some things that I love about you with those who will read this blog. Why? Well, because I love ya, and I want the world to know it!

So... in honor of our 15 blessed years, I give you my "Top 15 things I love about Jeff" ...

15. the way you mis-pronounce words like "accountant", "Colorado" and "birthday" on purpose now just to make me smile.
14. the way you sing "Close to You" to me at home and over the phone just like the guy from The Parenthood movie.
13. the way we love "the Heart" (inside joke that I will NOT tell others).
12. the way you laugh at me when I get excited about getting a new book to read.
11. how we finish each other's sentences sometimes or think the same thoughts. (scary, huh?) call me beautiful no matter what I really look like! (even with no make up and messy hair)
9. the way you look in that peach shirt and tie. or out of it... whichever.
8. the way you always kiss me first when you come home from work.
7. how you call me at work in the middle of the day just to tell me that you love me..again.
6. Saturday morning breakfast dates.
5. after 15 years, you still bring me the little spoon, and I think it's funny. sad, but funny.
4. you look for the good in everyone all the time.
3. your excitement at the thought of having a little girl & the visions of you with her that go through my head
2. Dad 'n Lad dates... I love how you make Bryan a priority. He always knows you love him wholly!
1. You are a Godly man, Godly husband, Godly dad. And you still give me butterflies in my stomach after all these years!

I love you Jeff... forever.



Robo said...

Ain't marriage to your best friend the greatest!
Way to go guys!

Love ya'll

Jo Ann said...

It is such a blessing to us to know that our children have the kind of marriage that God has ordained for them. Happy Anniversary to both of you and We Love You Dearly.....
Mom and Dad

Randa said...

oh holly...that is beautiful! CONGRATS GIRL! i wish you many many more wonderful anniversaries! i pray you are blessed!

Lisa said...

Wow!! My little brother turned out pretty darn good huh????
Love you guys!

Unknown said...

Holly & Jeff....I want to send my belated congrats on your 15th anniv.. I know that you 2 are a magnificient example to all of what God says a marriage between man & woman are.
We will be celebrating our 32nd...the 13th of Aug. and I also feel so blessed to have the best friend on Earth! God sent the opposite to tame me and show me how love is to be and I thank Him every day for the love we share and the miracle child he allowed us to raise and so love!

Always in my heart!


Lydia said...

BIG PUTZ, I AM! Happy Anniversary! I completely forgot and I am so sorry, but I am so glad you have such a good man!


Sorry we missed Jeff's birfday, too, by the way.