Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Metal Mouth

Before anyone fusses at me for making fun of Bryan, know that he wanted me to call this "Brace Face".

Bryan reached a milestone in life today. He got braces. I think he looks older already.
The fun will be deciding which colors to use every time. He went with red and green for the inaugural day. Here are some pics.

He's so handsome, isn't he?

See the red and green?

In case you couldn't see it before!

Surely I am not old enough to have a son this grown~


Jo Ann said...

Hey B. Great "new" look. I love the red and green and Papa said you need to go with "blue" next time. Wonder where that came from? Are we old enough to have a grandson this old?????????

Bird's Words said...

There will be no blue in that mouth! It's not covered in the payment plan...

Geron said...

I know!! He looks so old! As his mom, I don't know what you expect to see, but for me, when we get to visit you guys, I expect to see an 8 year old boy. He is growing up way too fast! And, yes, he is so handsome. I always remind my pastor's oldest daughter, Bailee, that he's a pretty awesome guy.

Bird's Words said...

funny Lydia! We are not quite there yet!! I'm certainly not THAT old! hahah!

and for the record, I sometimes expect to see an 8 year old boy too... time goes way too fast.

Chris, Terri, Matt and Mark said...

Ah - they grow up so fast! Matt picked a Red, Black and White retainer! Amazing what they do now to make the metal cool!

Any update yet? We're looking at June now for a referral and Nov/Dec to travel. Oh well - what can we do??? April/May will fly by! The rest will crawl!