Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This is why I celebrate. Thank you God for entrusting these two to me. This is my greatest calling.

My children are such a blessing to me. They bring me such pride and joy, and it is a complete honor to raise them in the ways of the Lord. I don't know why God chose me, but I'm oh so glad He did!! They give me reason to celebrate today and every day.

I can't let this day pass without acknowledging the beautiful lady in Ethiopia that made the ultimate sacrifice that ultimately allowed me the privilege of being a mom to Ellie. Tigist, you are a hero to me. You've taught me what it means to love your child unconditionally, to love enough that you would sacrifice being able to watch her grow. You've given me an incredible gift, and my words will never say enough of how much I appreciate you.