Wednesday, April 4, 2012

exciting stuff... and how you can help!

Hey folks! What an exciting week it's been here! We are just 6 weeks away from our next trip to Ethiopia, and we are so excited about what is happening.

This week we were able to meet with the folks at Edge Outreach in Louisville KY to be retrained on the water purification stuff. They have an incredible new system that is smaller, simpler, more cost efficient (aka, cheaper!). We were so excited that Caleb David from One Child Campaign could join us to learn all about Edge and so that we could talk about how this partnership could grow and impact more people in Ethiopia.

I love visionary people. There's such excitement in sitting with a group of people who are ready to act, not just talk. And that's what we met on Monday in Louisville. WOW! Here's the skinny on what's happening:

We have an incredible opportunity to take with us a professional videographer to Ethiopia who will get raw footage of us installing water purification systems, interviews with the Ethiopians on how this is affecting them, etc etc. This footage will then be used by Edge Outreach to increase awareness for the need for clean water in Ethiopia. This is a win/win, y'all!!

I'm not in the professional videography field, but I know it's not cheap. However, this guy has agreed to come for peanuts and the cost of his travel! Seriously, for about $3000, we can do this and make an incredible impact on getting clean water to Ethiopia. boils down to this. We need 300 people to give $10. Come on, that's 2 drinks at Starbucks for the gift of clean water. I'm counting on my adoption community friends here because I know y'all "get" this. I've seen what can happen when this group of people get behind something. This is huge people.


We are beginning to plan for a time to bring Ethiopian adoptive families together to educate, plan and celebrate what is happening. Look for that in the coming months.

This is our passion. Seeing the difference in Ellie's life before and after clean water changed us.(pics below are before clean water and then 18 months home. Stunning difference!!) We know too much to just stand back and do nothing. Please join us.

You can give at Please note: Ethiopia water. You can give there by check or credit card. Everything we raise above what we need for the videographer will go directly to the water projects themselves, so the more we raise, the better.

Thank you for partnering with us again. We can't wait to show you what your giving has done.