Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas thoughts...

Where is the last place you went that you really didn't want to go? Work? Home? The grocery? Wal-mart? A dental visit? A meeting? The DMV? The mall?

Certainly there are places that we don't prefer to go. But yet we find joy nonetheless after having been there. Our work brings provision. Our homes bring healing and community. A meeting hopefully brings resolution. A visit to the dentist or doctor brings wellness and prevention. A trip to the mall can lead to smiles from those who receive the gifts we purchase.

But when was the last time you went into a place where you KNEW you'd be ridiculed, persecuted, tortured and eventually killed?

THIS is the age old story of Christmas- that Jesus, the God of all, came to a place that was unlikely (A Bethlehem stable), to people that were unworthy (Shepherds), in a way that was  unheard of (A virgin birth).

Oh, but this is STILL the story of Christmas today. You see, Jesus STILL comes to unlikely places-bars, jails, brothels, slums, the White House, government, MY house, YOUR house, schools, churches, street corners, everywhere.

He STILL comes to the unworthy-thieves, murderers, addicts, prostitutes, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, pastors, politicians, attorneys, doctors, janitors, coaches, rich, poor, you, me.

And He STILL comes in an unlikely way- entering the hearts of ALL who surrender to His will, follow His leading and desire His Lordship.

Folks, this is huge. This is Christmas, not the presents we fret over or the trees and decorations. It's not the songs or the traditions. It's not snow covered yards and snowmen, not Charlie Brown or Rudolph. Christmas is Jesus, in the flesh, come down for me and you. This propels me not only in December but each and every day of every year to live a life of Hope.

Jesus IS hope.
Hope has come to me.
Hope has come to you.

Hope has come.

Merry Christmas!