Wednesday, August 7, 2013

20 years

He's my favorite!

Twenty years ago, I walked down the aisle on the arm of my dad to be given in marriage to the best man I know. I was a baby- just 20 years old, still in college. There was no way I could have known then that my love for him would grow stronger every day. I had no idea that I could love him more than the moment I said "I do", but I've learned that I can! We promised that we'd stick together through everything- sickness and health, rich or poor, good and bad. And we have. We took those vows seriously that day, and we still do. Our motto is to "out-serve each other", and it has become a way of life for us to seek to do for each other before ourselves. 

We aren't perfect. I drive him nuts a LOT more than he does me, I can guarantee! We get on each other's nerves at times. We disagree occasionally, though not very often. We've made stupid mistakes together. We've walked through times when it felt like the foundation had been torn from under our feet. We honor each other at all times. And after 20 years, we've kept the promise that the word "divorce" would never be spoken in our home to each other. 

The best years of my life have been with you, Jeff. You've given me adventure after adventure, all the while loving me the way Christ loves the Church. You've upheld your vows in every way, and I'm blessed to call you mine. You make me laugh. You still give me butterflies. When I'm with you, it really doesn't matter what is happening around me. Over these 20 years, we've rejoiced together, grieved together, celebrated together and consoled one another. Our children are the fruits of our labor in this marriage, and really, what else could we want? We are blessed indeed. 

I love you, Jeff. Thanks for asking me to be your wife, all those years ago. Thank you for an incredible 20 years so far. I can't fathom what the next 20 will hold! But come what may, I'll choose you. 

I could list a million things I love about Jeff, but this isn't our millionth anniversary. So, in honor of 20 years of wedded bliss, here are 20 things I love about my amazing husband (in no certain order).

1. He laughs at the fact that I leave all the cabinet doors and drawers open in the house almost constantly. 

2. He still opens the doors for me, even after 20 years of being married. 

3. He calls me "Bird" and never just "Holly".

4. He sacrifices for me and our family. Every day. 

5. He takes time for "dad and lad" days, and does so often. 

6. He has bagel dates with Ellie to show her how a boy should treat her one day when she dates (in 20 years)

7. He listens to geek radio, then tries to explain it to me. 

8. He prays for me and with me. 

9. He takes risks with me. 

10. When he gets the chance to attend a sporting event, he asks me to come along over his guy friends. 

11. He believes in me, even when I don't. 

12. He takes care of himself- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

13. He laughs with me. A lot. 

14. He made a swing for me so we can sit and watch the sunset every night. 

15. He has loved me through countless hair styles and colors. Seriously.  

16. He loves his work and gives his all there, but the best of his time is for us at home. 

17. He kisses me first when he comes home. 

18. He calls me beautiful. 

19. He is my best friend, confidant, lover, secret keeper, encourager, dream-sharer, and so much more. 
20. He said "I do", and he has. I love you forever, Jeff!