Thursday, February 25, 2016

Freaked out and grateful

I admit that I don't like to spend my life asking "what if?", but sometimes it just happens that way. I had one of those days this week.

Earlier this week, on my drive in to work, I was pulled over by an unmarked car. He had a light on the dashboard and it seemed legit, so I pulled over to the side of the interstate like the rule-follower I am. I rolled my window down just a little as he approached my driver's window. He didn't ask for identification or anything. He simply said, "You have a tail light that is busted out, and it's hard to see when you're switching lanes". Seemed reasonable, and I told him I would get it fixed.

For some reason, I asked him for some identification. He immediately looked at me and said, "You know, I think I will let you go this time"' walked back to his car and pulled off, exiting the highway on the exit ramp immediately. I thought it was odd, but I had to get to work, so I pulled away and started on my way again.

When I got to work, I walked around my car to see the busted light. Only it wasn't busted.

There is nothing wrong with my light at all.

And then it hit me....he was a fake. Yes, I realize I should have seen that sooner, but honestly, how many times do we see that? That's Criminal Minds material, not Richmond KY stuff. But standing in my work parking lot, I knew the truth. He was trying to lure me, and I am sickened to think of what could have happened.

He turned his lights on just before an exit ramp. What if I had taken the exit to get away from traffic? What if he had pulled a gun on me and forced me out of my car? What if....the thoughts that have gone through my mind are way too evil to write here. I'm refusing to give in to all of the "what-if's". It's too much for me to handle.

As a survivor of violent crime, I know full well what could have happened. Yet I find myself thankful for what did NOT happen. We just truly never know when we are being protected by the Lord. I believe that I was protected from awful things by a God who cares deeply for me. Today, I'm grateful to be with my family rather than a story on a news show.

The Bible tells us that life is a vapor. It's not gauranteed that we will have tomorrow. Let's make the most of today. Tell the people around you that you love them. Share Jesus with someone today. Call someone and make amends. Forgive. Move past that hurt. Get help for dealing with your past. Take the next step. Smile more. Laugh out loud. Cry freely. Love passionately. Live life fully. You aren't guaranteed tomorrow, so celebrate today.

I see the events of this week as a reminder to make the most of each day. Who's in with me? As It was quoted in "Shawshank Redemption"... "Get busy living, or get busy dying". I intend to get busy living. How about you?

NOTE: I have contacted all the proper authorities about this already. I don't wish for this post to spark a debate about how I should have handled things differently. I am just sharing some thoughts here.