Saturday, December 8, 2007

As I Was Saying...

Last night was our 12th annual "Prosser/Osborne Cookie Bakeoff". Over the years, we have progressed from a double batch of dough to a triple batch (we blame it on the kids). That adds up to a LOT of cookies over the years. But as good as the cookies are, the real reason we do it is the friendship. These guys are awesome!
Here are some pics of the whole night...

That's Michelle and Bella

This is Bella (aka Minnie Mouse) getting in on the fun of licking the bowl! YUM

Even the guys get in on the cookie action. Here's Doug, Jeff, and Bryan making some cookie creations of their own (the more non-traditional Christmas cookies)

Here is Bryan with his finished product... "the Gansta snowman". I told you they were "non-traditional". Yes, that's a gun he is holding. He's a gansta... what else would he hold?? What a hoot!
As you can see, we had a great time. We love ya'll Doug, Michelle, and Bella! Thanks for the gifts, the laughter, the fun... thanks for the tradition we have shared for the past 12 years now. Can't wait til next year!

Oh yeah.. I promised in yesterday's post that I would add a pic of my favorite ornament. Well, here it is for you to enjoy too.

I love this ornament. Bryan made it in 2002 in Sunday school or some other church class. Other kids came out with their "thumb people" just plain and simple. But Bryan made his into a viking warrior! Notice he is holding a sword, a shield and he has the viking helmet too! Typical Bryan stuff right there. Nothing was complete without a sword at that time in his life! I guarantee that this ornament will be on my tree every year of my life.

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MO said...

Hey Holly,

We look forward to this time with you all every year. I suppose one day our children may outgrow this time with us ... but we'll just come together in the kitchen of the retirement home (arriving by cane, wheelchair or walker of course) and we'll carry on the tradition of our "non-traditional" cookie baking! Although, we may each bless our homes with a little one this coming year, so maybe by 2009 or so they'll be all set to help us!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday weekend - full of family, friends and pampering!!!!! Best wishes to you!!

Love and appreciate you so much,
Michelle (Douglas & Bella too!)