Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas is all about love...

Last night, Bryan asked if we could open our gifts at 12:01 "because technically that it Christmas Eve". Jeff and I figured "why not?", and so the fun began. You have to understand that Bryan has been begging to open gifts for 3 weeks now. He is a bit like his dad in that he can't stand to wait to see what's in the packages under the tree (that's a whole other story I will tell some other time though)

Bryan had asked for clothes. He is the fashion King! But, the 'big' gift was a total surprise. Jeff and I got Bryan a cell phone this year. He is growing up, and we thought he was ready for it. But, we couldn't just wrap it up and let him get it that way. We sent him on a "great adventure"... clue after clue to lead him to the actual gift. After being taken to several different places (the freezer, his sock drawer, a stocking on the door, his email, etc etc), his final clue simply said "Go to your room". He did. He sat on the bed waiting. And then it happened. The phone rang. It was hidden in his room. But the best part was that he didn't get that it was his gift; he thought it was just another clue waiting for him! When he answered and Jeff said "merry Christmas", he was thrilled! He even shed a few tears. It was worth it all to see that look of absolute joy on his face. (jeff has some great pics on his blog here)

You know... As much as I love giving Bryan gifts, I have to say that I get so much more out of it than he does. And this year, he is healthy and whole. No tubes in his body. No treatments to do at home. No meds because he has just had surgery. No pain. No infections. That is my gift this year, and I know who it's from. Scripture says that everything good is from the Lord. And there is so much GOOD in my life. God has blessed me tremendously. I don't deserve; I could never earn this. He just loves me and He gives to me beyond measure. Most importantly, He has given His son- as a baby, but yet a King!- for me! Did you hear that?? God gave up His only son- sent Him to earth to live among us, so that we could be free.

Ultimately that baby we celebrate at Christmas grew to be a man- a PERFECT man. In His perfection, He went to the cross, and sacrificed everything for our sins. Now THAT is a Christmas gift! But like Bryan didn't get that the phone was actually his at first, some of us don't get that Jesus is for them! He is. JESUS is the perfect gift for everyone. Let's not forget that this year. Let's savor every minute of time with our families and friends. Let's have a blast opening gifts and watching others open gifts, but let's not forget whom we really celebrate... "for unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord".

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Jeff Prosser said...

what a great night! great analogy about "gifts" are a wise hollybird!