Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When you can't give a gift...

To My Little Girl,

I don't know where you are in the world today. I don't even know if you are born yet. I don't know if your hair is curly or straight, or if your eyes are deep set or not. I don't know if you have dimples in your cheeks. I don't know if your fingers are long and straight or short and pudgy. There seems to be so much that I don't yet know about you. But I know that I love you already.

I have prayed for you for years. I realize that may sound crazy to you or to others, but it's true. I have prayed that you would be a part of our family, and then I have waited until God said it was time for this to become reality. And I continue to pray.

Today, I pray for you, my precious little girl. I pray that if you are already born, that you are safe and sound. I pray that you have plenty to eat and water that is safe to drink. I pray that you are cared for by people who know of the love of Jesus and that they show you His Grace daily. I pray that you are growing in a place where you know that you are special and that you are loved. I pray that there is peace around you.

I pray for your mother. I am so grateful for the sacrifice that she will make so that you can be in our home. I pray that she has strength and courage. I pray that someone around her loves her unconditionally and is showing her of the love of the Savior who makes all things new. I pray for courage to make the ultimate sacrifice so that her child can be cared for in a way that perhaps she is unable to do. And I pray that she rests easily. I pray that if she is carrying you right now, that she is healthy and always concerned about doing what is healthy for you, her unborn child. I pray that she knows how much of a debt I will forever owe her because she is giving to me what I could not do myself.

I pray for those who will care for you in an orphanage. Maybe you are already there, and they already know and love you. I pray for endurance and patience to care for you lovingly day in and day out. I pray that they sing to you, sweet lullabies at night and fun, silly songs during the day. I pray that they know how much of a difference they are making in your life and in our lives too because they care for you.

I don't know what it will be like when I first get to hold you. I dayream about it all the time, but I know that none of my dreams will compare to that actual moment. I don't know when that day will be, but I pray that it is soon. I trust God's timing to bring us together as a family at just the perfect time. Until then, you can rest assured that I am praying the Almighty's protection on you constantly. I am praying already for the day that you will ask Jesus into your heart. What a celebration that will be!

I love you already, little girl. I wait anxiously for you to be with us. You are already a part of us. Merry Christmas to you baby, wherever you are.

Your mommy-to-be


Stephanie said...

What a hearfelt prayer! We are praying for your baby girl and are very excited for your family. Merry Christmas!

Jo Ann said...

We love you too, little one. We pray daily that God will watch over you and keep you safe, healthy, and happy and bring you home to us soon. You will hear many say that you are a lucky little girl to become a daughter of your mommie and daddy and a sister to your brother, Bryan, but I don't believe in luck. I believe in Devine Power and I know that God has placed you in this family. I can hardly wait to meet you, to hold you, and to love you like I love your big brother, Bryan, and your sweet cousin, Kristin. What a happy day that will be for all of us!!!! We love you dearly, Nana and Papa

Ruth Ann said...

Darling little girl,

I taught your Mother in school and worked with your Nana for many years. You could NEVER pick a family that would love you more! Your big brother Bryan will be your hero. God has blessed all of you. You all are in my prayers.

Love to all.