Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Because I love my son....

For Christmas, Jeff & I were looking for something a little different to give to Bryan. Something he could really look forward to. Bryan is a music nut. He loves to rock out. I, on the other hand, am not. Despite the gnawing fear that I am proving the afore-mentioned clerk who called me "vintage", I will admit that I really don't like concerts. But, Bryan does. So, for Christmas, we got him tickets to the Family Force Five concert. oh yeah, baby.

I will admit that I really like this group. I mean, I REALLY like them. I have their CD in my mom mobile. I know every word. But listening to a CD is nothing like hearing them live.

This concert was in Lawrenceburg in , of all places, a flea market. Yes, a flea market. I knew immediately that I did not fit in. For one thing, my hair was not spiked. I did not have any earrings in places other than my ears, and I am 35 years old. With the exception of Jeff (sorry, hon), I was close to being the oldest one there, I am sure!

The opening bands I could have gone my whole life without hearing. I spent a great deal of that time in the lobby of said flea market, playing solitaire on Jeff's phone. But when FF5 came out, I rocked. Yes, I really did. I screamed the lyrics (mostly because I couldn't hear myself sing more than I was trying to really scream). I danced a little. I laughed a lot. I had a blast.

And I did it all because I love my son.
Bryan... you rock! I would do it again to see you dance in that circle one more time!!


Robo said...

Hey Bird,

Going to Ichthus this year?

Please do. I had a blast hanging with ya.

Bird's Words said...

Let me get over the shock of sunday night before I decide on that!

Jeff Prosser said...

Kinda odd/crazy/coincidence that we used the same pic of FFF???? Dang, we've been married a great long time!

Robo said...

Hey check out my " baby " brother's pistures on my facebook sight. His name is Mark Coffey (duh)