Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fingerprints and Frustrations

Yesterday we were fingerprinted for immigration. This will allow us to bring home a little girl from Vietnam. It was just simple routine paperwork, but it was so exciting as it brings us one step closer to having our little girl here with us.

While we were at the immigration office, another customer from a foreign country was having a very hard time understanding what was being told him about his paperwork. He was getting frustrated, and the workers were getting frustrated as well. At one point, he yelled "I cannot be denied this process!" and slammed his hand down on the counter. Instantly, there were three armed officers in the room with us. (I took a HUGE step back at that point!)

I must say that I was so impressed with how they handled this man. Only one officer spoke, and he was courteous and caring with the young man. He simply told him to continue with his questions and get his answers, but they were there to make sure that everyone was safe. The man calmed instantly. I was amazed at how quickly he calmed when someone was patient with him.

All of this reminded me of how patient God is with me. He must get really frustrated with me at times, as I tend to try things my own way so often. I must look ridiculous to Him as I slam my hand in frustration and throw a tantrum at times because things don't work out like I want them to. Yet, He is constant and He is always loving. He calmly reminds me that His way is best, and when I listen to His voice, I calm instantly. I am learning to listen to His voice FIRST. It cuts out on all of the frustration!

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Jo Ann said...

Each step that gets us closer to our little granddaughter is so exciting. She is so blessed to have a family to come home to where she can make lifetime memories and be loved by so many people. We all love you, little one....Nana