Tuesday, December 18, 2007

35 is the new 20!

This past Sunday, I celebrated my 35th birthday. I know.. you can't believe it, right? Just kidding. I don't mind saying that I am 35; truth be told, I have never really been bothered by the number of a birthday. I figure it's better than the alternative.

This weekend was filled with celebration. It started off with the greatest gift Jeff could ever give me. Get ready for this one girls, because it will knock your socks off. No, it's not diamonds. It's better than diamonds! HE CLEANED THE ENTIRE HOUSE TOP TO BOTTOM ALL BY HIMSELF SO THAT I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO A THING ON MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! In my eyes, that gets the "husband of the year" award! Jeff and Bryan took me out for hibachi grill (YUMMY) on Friday night. We followed that up with some Christmas shopping at the mall, which I absolutely love this time of year (seriously). Saturday was a day at home, baking goodies for our Couple Time get-together at our house that night. That was a lot of fun. I love hanging out with friends, and these guys are great friends!

Sunday was my actual birthday. Sundays are really busy for us, and this one was no exception. But it was good too. Busy isn't so bad when it's fun, you know. And I happen to think the things I am involved in at church are really fun.

So, to Jeff and Bryan, I say a huge THANK YOU for my celebration.You always know how to make me feel like a queen! Jeff, you are the love of my life, and Bryan- you rock my world! Thanks to the rest of my family who called me and loved on me over the phone. It was really cool how the phone rang all day from you guys. I love ya'll.


Jo Ann said...

Yes, it is hard for us to believe that our baby girl is 35! I only wish I could have given you that hug in person on Sunday but I will on Tuesday! And, we agree with you that you are very blessed to have the husband and son that you have; but they are also blessed to have you - as we are!!!! We love you very much....Mom and Dad

Robo said...

Happy Birthday Bird!
Sorry I missed it or did I ?
Did I send you a birthday cake on facebook?
Anywho happy B-day
Feels great being the young one in the relationship doesn't it?!
Woo Hoo !!!

Bird's Words said...

yeah, Robo.. you did send me a cake on facebook! thanks..
and yes, it IS nice to be the young blood! I think I missed your big day though on the 3rd.. hope it was a good one..