Sunday, August 2, 2009

Proud Momma UPDATE

Today, our son Bryan played in his debut rock concert. "Wow" is really all I know to say. I knew he was good, but he truly blew me away today! It was so fun to watch him play so effortlessly and have so much fun doing it! I'll post some pics as soon as I can, but I had to tell you about it while it was fresh on my mind. Go here to hear the band play!! They ROCK!

This weekend was a wonderful time in our home. Saturday morning started with a "Welcome Home Ellie" shower put on by my dear friends Tina, Sue Ellen, Cassie and Jane. Wow.. I had a blast opening up all of those sweet little girl things! I then bagged them back up and brought them home for Jeff to open all over again! My mom, mother-in-law and niece Kristin were all able to be there as well, so it was extra special for me! Ellie is certainly one very LOVED little girl!

Last night was a special treat. Here at the house, we had a spontaneous little poker game with Jeff, Dad, Joann (jeff's mom), our friend William, and myself (later). What a hoot! We had so much fun together. Deniece and William's mom, Veronica, and their two boys were also here, so we had a house full just like we like it! What a blessing to have friends and family here together. The Bell family (william, deniece, malyk, and malcolm) have become dear friends to us, and we just aren't sure how to feel about not spending next weekend with them too :) Seriously, you guys are a real blessing in our lives, and we count it an honor to call you friends and brothers/sisters in Christ! We look forward to many more dinners, poker games, hair styling parties, and of course.. cheesecakes!!

Here are pics from the shower... WHAT A BLAST!!

Being goofy with the "It's a Girl" balloons!

FBC gals who threw the shower (minus Cassie!)
Thanks so much, ya'll!!

cookies that match Ellie's room... how "sweet" (get it?)

Jeff now knows the difference between a skirt and a skort! do you??

My beautiful friend Michelle.. LOVE HER!


My sweet niece Kristin, mom (Nana), me, and Joann (Grammy)
Ellie is gonna love these ladies!!


KRISTIN said...

Hey Aunt Holly! Just wanted to let you know what an AWESOME time I had this weekend with my family & how much I loved coming to your shower, to church, and hangin out with everyone at your house and I loved hearing Bryan play his drums in his band. He did an AWESOME JOB! Can't wait for Ellie to finally be home and can't wait to meet her! I love you all! (and the cats) :)

Love, Kristin

Bird's Words said...

I had a great time with you too Kristin! So glad you were here with us this weekend! Please come again SOON! I want Ellie to know you well.... she's gonna love you so much!

and felix sends a "growl" your way....

Jo Ann said...

How proud Bryan made us this weekend playing his drums!!! Wow, we had no idea he was so good! We got so many blessings this weekend and can't wait for our little Ellie to be home so she can share in all these blessings God is giving us.....

Lydia Brown said...

Look at you, Skinny Momma!!! How cool to see Jeff holding all those little girl things. Awesome! I don't know if Geron knows what a skort is, either. Ellie is going to love her new family so much